Seeing Space in Time and Time in Space

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said in my published material, Time is a a Moebius strip: like a two-sided strip of paper that is twisted and then joined at the ends, it has two sides that become only one side. If you had painted each side of the strip before you twisted and pasted it, it would show this clearly, though if you traced a line starting on one color it would travel to the next color contiguously. This metaphor for Time is more exact that it might seem, because there is both an inner and outer aspect to Time. When you are out of body, either in dreaming or when you have finished your life, you can see the two sides of Time very clearly and within the metaphor, you can color the one side or the other distinctly: one side is within Timespace, the other is outside of Timespace in the Timeless Present.

“You, as a human being, actually remember both aspects of Time simultaneously because you exist in both aspects (the Timeless-Spaceless and the Temporal in Form) simultaneously. If you did not, you could not receive information from the Timeless-Spaceless Source of your human soul and of course you may do that any time. Indeed, you use meditaiton to remind yourself of the fact that you are aware of both of these aspects: you shift the focus of your attention just enough to see both of the colors of the strip. However, just being aware of the Timeless-Spaceless aspects of Time within Timespace shifts your orientation to Time profoundly enough to make it easier to be aware of some of the other, subtler aspects of Time I have mentioned, such as the “colors” or haloclines of time, those areas of time that flow at a different rate to your local experience. For as we pointed out earlier, that the planet has all the minutes of 24 hours existing and available to you; so also does Timelessness contain all types of Space.”

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