Opening Again

From Nikola Tesla and Francesca Thoman: Yes, it has been a very long time since we last posted any blog here. For this, we can only ask for your forgiveness and than you for your patience. I am of course quite well, though my channel has been working on re-creating how she works in the spiritual and emotional realms, and this took an unexpected amount of time.

She has been sheltering in place since the end of February, and has been working on Volume 5 and Nikola Tesla Presents II; I have meanwhile been busy with other things as well. The challenge of the COVID19 virus has needed especial care from all of us whom are concerned with the advancement of humanity. There are some that have been working with human DNA, adding both energy and information into its structure, so that your bodies have more connections to higher-level, multidimensional information, allowing a more facile, intelligent and robust response to issues that have long been challenges: health, emotional patterns; genetic lineages, particularly working with the dissonance between your bodies and your past-life lineage.

One way to look at the reason for our hiatus is: imagine that when you buy a new car, it takes time to get used to it: the ram for the windshield wiper is moved slightly forward; the indicators for internal temperature, oil level and so on are in very different places on the dashboard, and so on. When you add a high level of multidimensional complexity with, in the channel’s case, a certain lack of confidence, you can see how things might be delayed. Nevertheless, we have let this go on far too long, and we do apologize. We do honor you; we do act for the sake of Love; we ask that you forgive us. Thank you.