Wounded by the Gods?

From Nikola Tesla (and Francesca Thoman): “There are several scientists, most notably Gregg Braden, who believe that human beings were created through genetic manipulation of both the Fox P2 gene and the by fusion in gene 2 so that we, of all the animals in the world, have only 23 chromosomes. This subject is still controversial, for it is virtually impossible to prove directly. Indirectly, however, extraterrestrial influence might be inferred. The largest unlikelihood is, of course, the genetic alterations: they are virtually impossible to have occurred by chance. However, for the channel and so to a degree for me, there are human patterns that, if looked upon with enough dispassion, seem very odd in themselves. In some respects, you as human beings have been subjected to a cultural, psychic and emotional shock from which you have not yet recovered.

“What have been the ‘gifts of the gods?’ Other research has clearly shown that a great many indigenous cultures believe that language, writing, farming and art are all gifts of the gods: granted to you by beings other than you and considered divine. And yes, these aspects are part of what is considered civilization, though there is a chicken and egg problem here: when we evolved cities, which would not have happened without farming and the need to store produce, implements and the need to evolve places to sell the produce, would you have evolved the social structures that are the hallmarks of civilization without them? 

“However, each one of these has a hidden cost associated with it: farming does create larger congregations of people, yes, and seems to provide: however, archaeological studies have shown that in many cases your general health went down when you began depending upon farming. Similarly, your memories have become far less robust than formerly: Scottish and Irish bards used to be able to remember a whole series of lays simply by memory; the Australian history is literally written into the rocks where they live and the knotted strings of the Incas held the whole history of the tribe. However in the modern, civilized world, you have to write down the five things you need to buy at the market.”