The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “There are those that say intuition is simply the subconscious working ‘underground,’ doing its own super-fast calculations based upon the observations your conscious mind has not yet had time to process, and to a degree this is true. Your subconscious does not sleep, precisely, though there are times when it is so busy working on something that a logjam of experiences builds up and thus it needs to communicate in dreams. Thus, the subconscious may become an ally if you invite it to become one and there are several methods by which you can engage the subconscious as a friend, the foremost of which is meditation and the second of which is daydreaming.

“Many do understand that when the subconscious is shut out from your human experience, it will find ways to express itself, and not always either conveniently or beneficially. The analogy of the subconscious as a dog you have tied in your back yard with just a little doghouse and maybe an empty bowl is a good one: like the dog, the subconscious may become savage with hunger and thus turn dangerous. You cut your subconscious outside of  your flow of being by refusing to engage it or engage with it through shutting down its communication by calling ‘gut feelings,’ ‘flights of fancy’, or intuition itself as foolish at best, trivial generally or dangerous at worst. You can refuse to engage your subconscious by drowning its messages with drugs, distractions such as long hours trolling the Internet or by engaging in over-emotional histrionics that take up energy and produce heat and a murky light but no real warmth or illumination. In other words, to engage the subconscious does demand self-honesty.

“The sad fact that your modern world contains countless ways of disenfranchising your subconscious and its wise information is quite clear to many, though perhaps not to enough.”

The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your subconscious, in your present level of development, is often a ‘junk drawer;” some place where everything that doesn’t quite fit with everything else is put away, collected, though sometimes with little plan or conscious thought. Your subconscious automatically stores, often unencoded or examined, a huge amount of mental, emotional and psychic data; the unconscious works with the spiritual and physical aspects of your human existence generally: it is your unconscious that had the original template for your life, your past-life memories and the emotional, psychic, mental and spiritual imprints of your ancestors within your DNA, In short, you have a pyramid, with the conscious mind at the top but holding the smallest amount of data, the subconscious holding sometimes exponentially more and the unconscious holding exponentially more than that.

“However, three things connect the subconscious to the conscious and help to make the data in the subconscious more comprehensible and relations between the two forms of mind more effective: emotions, intentions (which might be called desires) and, yes, dreams, by which I mean altered states of consciousness that are achieved naturally, whether in REM dreaming, meditation or hypnosis. As I have said elsewhere, dreams reconnect you with the enfolded, multi-dimensional aspects of Realty and of your human self. However, as the conscious mind is so dependent upon the causes-and-effects, sequential progressions and ‘forward’ motions that Time creates specifically, its comprehension of the multi-dimensional aspects is limited by the very factors for which the conscious mind was created and which at the same time it is meant to decode through a particular set of focused parameters.

“Dreams in the sense above, as well as desires, take the particularly fine focus that the conscious mind enables and uses those points of focus to create very personalize arrays of experiences and actions within your human identity. In other words, Heaven is built from your conscious experiences almost unilaterally and this is why the experience of being a conscious human is so valuable.”

The Subconscious Mind

From Nikola Tesla: “The subconscious mind is an interface and functions like an electrical transformer, stepping down the higher-level, enfolded information from the Timeless/Spaceless Source. It is also a holding area for information and experiences in unfolded Reality: as Jung has said, it holds both the dark shadow of socially unacceptable urges as well as the light shadow of the true magnificence of the inner Self. The subconscious helps you to decode your dreams, although, if you do not bother to decode your subconscious, there will be little result.

“Decoding your subconscious can be done through many methods, though the foremost of these would be simply paying attention, whether in the sense of watching for those things that you keep on doing again and again or those words or phrases you keep repeating. It can perhaps be helpful to record yourself, put the recording away and listen to it in a few months to see whether or not you have changed anything. If you are stuck: if you get weary of hearing the same old story coming out of your own mouth, then it is time to look deeper by whatever method works best for you: tracking your dreams, keeping a journal or simply writing each phrase down and listing each repetitive action, and under the statement ask yourself through the medium of writing, “Why?”

“I do grant that this will seem a mental exercise that seems less than effective since your subconscious often contains many raw, undigested, heavy emotions that you have not been able to feel or understand. However, your subconscious knows your limitations as well as, or better than, you do. It knows that it is difficult if not impossible to change something when you and your subconscious are working at cross-purposes: when either you are not ready, when some part of you is doing its best to keep you safe even though it does not understand that you and your needs have changed.

“In short, the subconscious is a rich area of discovery and needs time, care and a spirit of adventure.”