Psychic Pain, Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain, however wearing, can be offset, remedied and even totally healed, either in increments or all at once. Incremental healing may be found by going out in nature, spending time with a beloved pet; listening to music that you enjoy or engaging in a creative pursuit that replenishes your sense of joy. There are numerous meditations, breathing exercises, spiritual practices and even uplifting experiences, from going to a church, seeing a heart-warming movie or hearing a story of courage, grace or forgiveness which can all comfort and refresh your weary psychic body.

“Strangely enough, some healing of your psychic body can occur when you have had an overwhelming experience: a sudden shock or fright as when you almost lose control of your car but arrive safely; a time when you put your own life temporarily in danger for the sake of another; a time when you finally understand the deep difficulties of someone else’s trials and pain. In these instances, the chock or strain removes you slightly from your current focus upon 4-D Reality, drawing your out, however briefly: that is in part why meditation also works to ease psychic strain.

“However, there are things which strain your psychic body that you can avoid simply because you understand yourself. If you are an extrovert and need people around you in order to feel at home in your own skin, then choose the people you are with carefully. If you are in introvert and you need peace, do whatever you can to secure it, even to taking unusual steps.

“But in order to keep your psychic body safe and in good repair, the main thing that you need to avoid is losing your hold on your psychic body through using drugs that impose their own psychic influences upon you: alcohol, nicotine, all of the opioids, even marijuana. You can use these drugs, surely: just remain aware of how they affect you, and stop when you have made your psychic body too permeable to outside influences.”

Working with Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Psychic pain can be subtle: it may seem only a distant ache or a constant state of unsettled agitation; your psychic pain may become so familiar that you hardly notice it. Some of your psychic pain is created by the very conditions of your life and so are rather obvious: you may be the only woman in a ‘boy’s club’ work situation and have to be on guard all the time not only to keep from misinterpreting your colleague’s actions but also keep them from misinterpreting your actions to the point that you feel like a translator at the UN working under a frantic deadline: it is exhausting. Or you are in a situation where you don’t fit in: you are someone built like a linebacker or a basketball player and what you truly want to do is build model ships after a fine day doing the company bookkeeping: again, you do not ‘fit.”

“The more difficult the fit the harder it is to be at peace psychically, to the point that the psychic dissonance could ruin your health or, as is too often the case, your health is ruined by someone that finds the dissonance you represent by being the ‘wrong’ color, religion or political stance to be too much for their own unexamined sensitivities to bear. Many that seem crusty, uncompromising, difficult to please and so on are actually quite sensitive to upsets: they have a well of terror and/or pain inside of them that makes it nearly impossible for them to withstand any upsets, particularly upsets to their rigid inner structure of ‘This is right: this is the only way things can be because this is as far as they can go and still remain in my sense of my control!’

“In other words, psychic pain can hide inside of everyday issues and not be recognized for what it is.”

Toxic Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Everyone knows someone, whether from family, workplace or friends, that feels that he has been so hurt, so traumatized or, at least he has only convinced himself  that he is so hurt and traumatized, that he spreads his pain out liberally onto all and sundry, with no thought to whom he impacts upon. He makes everything and everyone else wrong for whatever happens because it is never his fault that there is always, always something to complain about. Such a person can be traumatic just to be around; such a person can, as it has been put, cut you to ribbons verbally, psychically and/or emotionally and then complain that you are bleeding on his expensive new carpet.

“There are both more and less subtle examples of this attitude. Some are mild enough on the face of it that it can be seen as, “Oh, Uncle John is just flying off the handle again,” or, “When she’s finished blaming everyone else and gets it out of her system, she’ll come around.” But the thing to notice here is that, for whatever reason, and with whatever methods have been evolved in the family, workplace or other situations that allow you to deal with the person with comparatively little damage, the point, that this person is injuring others psychically, must be addressed.

“If you are scarred enough psychically, you shut down. This not only robs you of your natural suppleness with which you might pursue your intuitive perceptions, artistic impulses or moments of inspiration, when you are shut down psychically the divine Intelligence cannot engage with your human experience and, by this, the Divine Being’s experience of itself is made less. In addition, when your psychic and emotional scars keep you from expanding into or within the realms you were meant to experience, you become less.” 

Healing Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “‘Ghost-hunters’ know that buildings or areas of land can retain ghosts for centuries if there has been sufficient trauma, such as wars or horrific murders. Many of these ghosts are disconnected psychic patterns: the trauma in the physical, mental or emotional experience is so great that the person or persons affected cannot process them in their physical forms: in this case the pain is ‘shunted off’ much like a collapsing star blows off its surface layers as it collapses. The resulting shock wave and nebula leaves the star, of course, yet it remains in physical form.

“Similarly, trauma often causes you to shunt your feelings of grief, shock, betrayal, fear and/or desperation outside of your body as much as possible: one example of this is when a soldier stops feelings his emotions, whether they are fear or rage, long enough to rescue his fellows, meanwhile ignoring the gaping wounds in his own body. If he were a fool, he would ignore those wounds until he bled to death, though generally soldiers are not fools. However, your psychic body may also have gaping wounds that are either not addressed even later, or are forbidden healing in some very sad cases, mostly those of women and second-class citizens.

Blaming someone that you have harmed, declaring that they ‘asked for it,’ is heinous. Giving others’ actions, words, or simple existence as ‘reason’ for your bad behavior is a form of lying to yourself and to them. Like a binary star made up of a normal companion, the wounded black hole sucks the live and substance from the normal star, turning them both into a larger black hole. In situations where the original psychic pain is refused audience: when you do not have the courage to face your traumas, your psychic pain becomes toxic, harming others and never helping the original wounds within you.”