Dreams, continued

From Nikola Tesla: “I have pointed out before that in some respects, belief is like hoarfrost: it needs certain conditions to form, and certain specific things such as ponderous logic, demands of immediate proof while simultaneously disallowing the circumstances in which the belief can be formed, fixed ideas regarding any of the issues involved, can literally destroy belief, or at the very least limit its effects severely.

“The same is true in many ways with dreams: they are not in the least logical because they operate within the multi=dimensional realms quite beyond logic; while they can be guessed upon through brain wave studies, their significance cannot be proven or demonstrated except by and for the dreamer; dream interpretation books that keep the images to certain systems totally miss the multi-dimensional, ambiguous and thus incredibly rich and layered meanings within the meanings of even any one image.

“Dreams also work in the realms of synesthesia: a color can have a tone to it, or a picture can have an emotional “substance,” whether fear or joy, wonder or bewilderment. This factor alone often renders dreams less than comprehensible because of the automatic editing of the conscious mind which insists that an image cannot mean seven different thing, or that the color green could not ever taste fuzzy. In short, what is “impossible” is removed from the data stream within the dream at the outset, with the results that the fractured, incomplete signal is made even more incomprehensible, 

“Nevertheless, if the signal strength is sufficient, all of these factors can be overcome, or at least balanced. If the dream you are experiencing has aspects of a Vision, a message from a higher realm or a message which has such impact that it overrides any of several automatic mental processes, the dream will be remembered, and even make sense. It is these visionary dreams that have had the power to change the world through large and small ways, from the dream that evolved the sewing machine needle to dreams of peace.”

Dreams, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your mind and brain together are susceptible to dreams because most aspects of the mind and several parts of the brain provide multi-dimensional linkages: the pineal gland in particular, several aspects of the occipital lobe, the temporal lobes as well as several places in the brain stem and cerebellum. Those creative and artistic people that are practiced in switching through and between different sources and levels of input often have any number of non-physical structures developed to an unusual extent; it is much the same with channels; healers, visionaries, magicians of manifestation and prophets. The more your mind/bran expresses and experiences itself with agility the richer your dreams will be. As it has been shown elsewhere, artists often dream in color: this obviously represents added degrees of input and a broader bandwidth.

“It is therefore no surprise that artists; composers; engineers; dressmakers; architects; some statesmen and others who work to change reality in one way or another daydream a great deal. Sometimes those daydreams even take on the force of visions or visionary instructions: when conscious, you are still able to receive the layered, “gl0obal” types of information that see the project at hand as a whole in an instant. This is not simply a function of the right brain, though often the right temporal lobe is engaged: this instantaneous communication is sourced in the multi-dimensional aspects of your consciousness.

“There have been those who have said that schizophrenia is a brain disorder that does not edit out the dream function: in other words, there is little or no differentiation between dream-reality and physical reality, hence their confusion and often unbalanced emotions. From my perspective I would agree and add: not only dream-data can intrude but also information from the person’s own Akashic Records, which are actually coded in the “Junk” DNA, such that they are loosely moored in time as well as space. “

Dreams, Imagination and Perception: Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “As the core of light is para-light, the light without vibration, so also the core of Timespace neither Time nor Space: everything happens at once and does not express itself in spatial relationships. As suggested in some of my earlier articles, this is both because of and it creates Reality’s inherent multi-dimensional nature: in a sense, infinity requires infinite dimensions arranged in a specifically interactive set of geometries. In other words, when the various dimensions are folded one upon the other outside of both Space and Time, the working calculus of Reality allows infinity, as in the angels dancing in the head of the pin as the cores of Space and Time are neither Space nor Time there is always room for one more.

“But what, might you ask, does this have to do with dreams? If you indeed wander Timelessness in dreams, using your bodiless consciousness to step back into your original Home of non-temporal Grace, then you must step through the dimensions necessarily, encountering those dimensions for which you have a matching vibration at least, though you are occasionally granted further range through Grace: the dreams that are mostly visions, exalted stated of wonder and instantaneous comprehension as well as warnings or notifications of a loved one’s death. Every person has at least one dream of this type: something that sweeps you up into itself, shining with its astonishing creativity and power.

“In some dreams of this type, you see your own future life laid out as though it were a tapestry; in some you perceive the solutions your need for your troubles, either small or large. Many people say the subconscious is the cause: the quiet, unremarked calculations and recalculations of things already known but not fully conscious, so that your mind is the author of such revelations. No: in point of fact, the mind struggles to keep up with such data, hence, again, the wispy, changeable, hoarfrost nature of dreams from the view of the conscious mind.”

Dreams, Imagination and Perception, Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “In Volume One I mentioned that the light and other energies of the dawn are very different in part because of the fact that human beings sleep and dream in the night. As has been said by several others, you do not stay in your body all night: indeed, there are some things that your body can do in terms of its own healing and sorting which can only happen when you are absent from it. Therefore some of the dreams you have are in the higher-level realms which you actually experience: working out old fears; opening new possibilities; spending time with loved ones, especially those recently passed; taking lessons from your guides or others. In short this means that the dreams you remember are both outside of time and comparatively “old:” they are memories of something you have already experienced.

“This is one of the many reasons why night-dreams are so hard to remember: they are experiences that you have had which did not use your brain to perceive. Similar to the difficulties that channels experience, when the communicating entity “borrow” the channel’s mind/brain for a time and then takes its own memories with it as it leaves, you need to stretch your brain in the twilight sleep when you are re-entering your body far enough to not only grasp the pure information of the experience but also remember something that although it is of your own experience, was not experienced in your body and is therefore a kind of intelligent light instead of electrochemical patterns.

“In addition, this data is also multi-dimensional, an exquisitely layered tesseract of thoughts, emotions and experiences: rather like a kaleidoscope of mixed dimensions, the information contained in must dreams is something far denser that hypertext and, not only meaningful to you, it is also meaningful to countless aspects of your human self: your past, future, alternate and present lives.”