Stretching Your Perceptions Part Three

From Nikola Tesla: “Technology might be approached in a spiritual way: Prayer and trusting to the free actions of Spirit can bring astonishing results, though at present such things are too anecdotal and apocryphal to merit any ‘pure’ scientific investigation. Certainly, spiritual people use technology frequently with lesser or greater degrees of reluctance. But is there, or could there ever be, a truly spiritual technology? And if so, what would be its use?

“I confess I am teasing you to a degree if I do not define the word ‘spiritual’ and so I will do so: a spiritual human being is not only one that has the concept of God, of a Being greater than he but one that has experienced the Divine directly: he has expanded his conscious awareness to include data from outside of the experiences of his senses and the limits of his mind, for though the mind might ask questions about spirituality and attempt to analyze, codify or discern its laws, the mind cannot grasp the spiritual experience: only the experience itself can impart the information that is beyond mental perception. NDE’s, moments of great trauma or great joy, are not sourced in the mind: they happen to the mind.

“There have actually been some brain-studies that have tried to mimic NDE’s to some degree by means of technological triggers, and this has caused many to believe that NDE’s are pure mental fakery of one kind or another. But you need to avoid the logical fallacy: ‘If I can make this happen this way, then that is necessarily the only way this could have been done.’ Certainly, you might use cranes to lift the stones for the pyramids but to imagine cranes were used in ancient Egypt is absurd. Certainly, you can use various technologies, drugs or stimulate hypoxia to evoke NDE-like experiences, but it is obvious and clear that NDE’s occurred long before the technology existed.”

Stretching your Perceptions Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “It may seem odd that I, who so loved playing with electricity, magnetism and radio waves through technology, might suggest that human beings could become more by perceiving mere, but that is my attitude now and was in my later life: technology is useful but limited, though the human being can be creative enough to overleap his limits thought training, the grace of unusual direct experience and by spiritual accomplishment. Technology is a tool but it can become a crutch, and even my beloved alternating current can fail given troubles with the infrastructure that provides it. And granted, the human body/mind can fail under specific circumstances as well, yet I do now believe that the course to pursue is to become more human, not less, because in the end that will have better results.

“There have been several, from time to time, that have spoken of melding the human and the robot, or “downloading” a human mind into a computer; these things may indeed be done but what is the cost? There are, strictly speaking, cyborgs already, whether evolved through medical necessity or because of examined lusts for war; certainly a blind person or an amputee can treasure the new carbon-steel legs or the embedded chip in his brain, yes. Generally, these things do not alter the human being in terms of perception: although there may be many methods of using technology to add to senses that already exist, only rarely can such things augment the finer perceptions: the senses of spirit, wonder, joy, compassion or awareness of the divine presence. And if those things were to be discovered: a guaranteed way of being aware of joy, wonder, divine presence and such that guaranteed compassion, spiritual perception, and the like, you would still be limited and defined by the technology.

“So, a question to ask is: can you know how spiritually evolved the creators of such technology might be?”

Stretching your Perceptions, Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “Generally speaking, your mind operates on only one type of focus: the immediate present, though you rarely perceive more than a fraction of what is actually in front of you, much less things and energies for which you have no senses: you are washed in many different types of light and other waves, from radio to gamma rays, magnetism to sounds that are inaudible to you. Indeed, if you think about it, you will realize that you are perceiving Reality through such a narrow window that you realize y9ou are missing a tremendous amount of information. You don’t have the sonic abilities of bats or dolphins, so you need technology to look into someone else’s body; you can’t see radiation,, smell airborne poisons, hear the grating of the stones beneath you that mean there will be an earthquake and you can’t see into the infrared, which means you’re blind in the dark, so you can put yourself into risk without knowing it. These are the human limits; these limits were chosen a long, long time ago. Your minds and bodies had to choose: is seeing color more important or seeing in the dark? If you ignore gamma rays, will that be good enough to keep you alive? So your body itself has already chosen how much reality you can see!

“Of course you use tools to make up for the lack when you can, from microscopes to telescopes, from radios to magnetometers and they are often of great value. However, the human race as a whole is coming to a new point of decision: how much will you want to perceive as part of the human template? There are so many possibilities: psychic perceptions; telepathy; sensing magnetism; ‘hearing’ low or high frequency sounds by training yourself to ‘hear’ the octaves of those sounds hidden within the sounds you already hear through studying the overtone harmonics of those sounds. The advantage of this kind of training is that, you stop being limited by technology. Electricity is wonderful and technology is useful, but when you open up your ‘higher registers’ of perception, you can bring them with you everywhere.”

Stepping Between the Levels of Reality

From Nikola Tesla: “Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox, that describes all motion as a series of half-steps, i.e., that before you can go 100 feet you must go 50; before that 25, before that 12 1/2 feet, and so on: in other words, in a very real sense the very process of motion itself is infinite and thus functionally impossible, or at the very least motion is an illusion. This makes perfect sense in a quantum universe, where particles (electrons and  photons) do not actually ‘move’ at all but rather flicker in and out of manifestation by sliding in and out of Timespace. This is certainly true as regards your own human consciousness, the mental processes of perception and experience work through the mind’s “flicker fusion” that discerns stepped processes to be continuous; this mental bias is so profound that we perceive motion even when we know that no ‘motion’ actually occurs, as with the ‘flow’ of marquee lights or the individual cells of a movie film.

“This issue regarding ‘flicker fusion’ is highly important, and the differences between other aspects of reality, such as the realms of discarnates and ghosts or the true reality of the Elvenkind or even other imperceptible and yet still physical worlds, is determined in part by the different fusion rates. The plasticity of the human mind can indeed perceive more than one fusion rate: this is what allows clairvoyance and other psychic perceptions, and it is interesting that such psychic abilities do seem to be genetically linked, as in ‘My grandmother had the Sight and so do I.’ The mind can be trained to perceive alternate fusion rates, which is part of the point of meditation, out it can experience altered rates through other entrainment, such as drug use, brain damage, physical, emotional, mental or emotional shock or, definitely and more beneficially, through Grace.”