Quantum, Microcosm, Cosmic Reality and Macrocosm

When reaching from the quantum level into the natural level of physical laws, there is a frustrating dis-junction: quantum “particles” or “energy packets” or “wavicles” or what have you act differently to one another, sometimes with a profound separation. At the quantum level, all rules have to be re-approached  and sometimes cast aside: the “usual” constants of the flow of Time, cause preceding effect, interactions with such basic “properties of matter” as magnetism, gravity or to some degree even electricity no longer seem to apply. Some of this could be explained by the very tininess of things: even dust motes in the air float beautifully for long distances and even leave the planet behind if circumstances drive them so. But why does matter, composed of those same quantum particles, behave as it does, in such a Newtonian fashion? 

Indeed, Newton’s laws actually seem to be a local phenomenon, with no “reason” for the step-off: the way galaxies turn is not dictated by gravity, or certainly not solely by gravity. It is true that magnetism is part of this peculiar behavior of every galactic star moving at the same rate whether it is on the edge or in the center and it is also true that I have tried to explain some of this weirdness through my presentation of Torsion Fields, Multi-dimensional geometries and the like, but this still does not explain the steps from what seems to be such a profound difference between types of matter. 

As regards the quantum reality, you are a galaxy; as regards the galaxy you are in your own microcosm as an intelligent quantum element; as regards the Macrocosm of the immense Source that holds all Reality and Realities within it plus the infinite hugeness, the galaxies are also quantum elements. And still, there is this queer problem of locality within un-locality; of local laws that limit, form and shape Reality at every turn and do not reply to every part of that Reality! In these coming articles, I will attempt to fathom and explain this puzzling situation in a way that you can put it to some practical use.

Intelligent Light: Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “The first way to reach towards understanding Intelligent Light is to refine and purify yourself. In this context, this process does not necessarily mean that you must become more holy, more moral or religious or physically pure: it means to take your energy as it is, just as you work with it now, and then to refine it by adding more light to it and then to distill that light-energy by allowing it to become more and more, stronger and stronger, so that you feel more and more and more like yourself. Because you are reaching into your native light-energy, this is not an ‘ego trip:’ you clean and clear your own inner lenses so that you see more and more of your true self, clearer and clearer. You are the only ‘you’ there is: it’s best if you can become the best version of yourself that you can, This may mean some soul-searching; this may mean looking at things that are dark and frightening or at things that are so beautiful, courageous, honest and loving and bright that they are even more terrifying! But it matters who you are: it counts. And within you there is always the core of divine Light.

When you are in that perfectly poised state of being fully in accord with your own energy, then sense the intelligence within the light around you. The light’s intelligence might seem alien and strange; it might seem hard to understand; it might put you into a dreamlike state or it might seem to be totally unresponsive: in the beginning, all of these potentials are accurate, and will lead to the next step: asking this Intelligent Light for information. If you already know how you receive Divine Communication, whether clairaudiently, clairvoyantly or through direct comprehension, you merely need to open your mind into that preferred form, and receive. If you do not know how you receive information, then simply tell the light to show you its information of wisdom, knowledge and Grace. Trust yourself to receive!”

More on Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said, one of the easiest ways to work with Intelligent Light is when working heart-felt prayers with angels, and of course part of the reason is because angels, archangels, Keepers of the Akashic Records and other beings of Divine Grace are composed of Intelligent Light itself, which is why they can appear as physically interactive holograms from time to time, showing themselves to people who are lost in the woods, adding the extra bit of push to keep someone on a ledge and so on. Granted most of these stories are anecdotal if not apocryphal but that has been the case with any new idea that is not within the color of the Time you are in. This goes beyond ideas in science fiction becoming realities but only in their own time: as I found out myself, the Earth’s own sense of itself and its temporal structures limits what can be revealed with an utterly fine precision. That I was given the visions from the Divine Intelligence, indeed sometimes through Intelligent light’s own aegis, but that only a few things manifested clearly shows this continual, dynamic balance. 

And this is where Intelligent Light comes to its best and most effective strength: as an agent of Divine Assessment. Those religions that speak of the constant Awareness and Presence of God, that God watches all that you do, touch upon this idea; however, it is also certain that the Intelligent Light of your own Intelligent Light, the higher vibrations of your auric field that are the Divine Light, allow ongoing intercommunication as well. Much as water itself can be programmed by thoughts, or in tiny amounts of substance as in homeopathy and that in a very real sense any water anywhere is potentially capable of resonating with any other water sympathetically, so also Intelligent Light provides, thought its natural resonant connections, potential including telepathy, remote healing and other forms of congruent communication.