Intelligent Light and the Five Operations of Divinity

From Nikola Tesla: “We have compared intelligent light to water, and that is actually a particularly exact analogy: as water is the essential fulcrum that allows life to form itself, so also intelligent light is the essential, internal structure of all existence, from the Formless into Form. Water, by its very molecular shape, provides leverage; by its stoichiometry it enters easily into countless combinations and it engages all of the Four Essential Processes mentioned in Volume One: Accretion, Dispersion, Assimilation and Dissolution.

“Similarly, Intelligent Light acts very much as a universal point of leverage and creates the Five Operations of Divinity: Resonance, Reflection, Intelligence, Information and Intention. Although physical light’s particles, being made of photons, are far larger than the Units of Consciousness, they are what give Light its hidden properties, the primary one we are discussing being Intelligence because the human mind can use the Divine Resonance to engage these hidden aspects.

“So close is Divinity to light that even physical light expresses and engages itself with the Five Operations within physical reality continually: it can reflect from suitably refined surfaces, of course including water, and so reveal their nature. The Resonance of light is in the exclusivity of vibrations such that two or more types of light do not affect each other in the sense of altering their rates of vibration but at the same time any particular wavelength may be augmented in specific and powerful ways. Physical light responds intelligently when it communicates prayer, healing and higher-order energies, conveys Information to those mental and physical structures that are able to process it and is certainly the symbol of the divine Intention for it reveals Divinity’s forms to itself by creating multiple facets of engagement within those forms, from the simple light-response of protozoa to the astonishing miracle of photosynthesis.”

To be continued.

Working with Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “As Intelligent Light’s vibration is similar to the wavelengths of gamma rays and tachyons and yet it’s most directly congruent to the vibration of love found in the human heart, of course the easiest way to approach and work with Intelligent Light is through prayer. Although all thoughts necessarily have a chemical component in the brain, the compassion you feel, the friendship, family love or even admiration have specific frequencies evolved in part from the vibratory rates of each chemical, molecule or atomic structure involved in the process of feeling these forms of love.  These small symphonies of wavelengths are made more coherent automatically when any aspect of love adds its frequency and entrains the lower vibrations. As it is with sound, this frequency entrainment is additive: that is, if a hundred are praying it has more impact than if one is praying, though if the one that prays asks the beings of intelligent light, i.e., the angels, archangels, spirits of Grace and others, to add their light to the prayer, this will have true impact upon the effects the prayers create as well.

“Thus in some ways you may have a better understanding of Intelligent Light when you are aware of the prayers being said for you. Praying for others pulls energy through you: in a sense, you do not partake of it anymore than a good pipe that isn’t rusted picks up nothing, and adds nothing, to the water. But when water falls upon living ground, its effects are immediate, generally adding life.

“Intelligent Light can be compared to water in many ways: a moment’s though can make those comparisons and allow you to understand both Intelligent Light’s and your own limitations. Enlightenment can overwhelm the mind like a flood; a life arid of love can benefit from the “mist” of love: the kind words from strangers, the courtesy of colleagues or even the love of a pet can literally add to the lightness in your life.”

to be continued…