Approaching Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “In the previous post I asked: ‘What, after all, is the frequency of intelligent light?’ The answer is: somewhere between the frequency of gamma rays where the wavelength is less than the diameter of an atom, and the “frequency” of tachyon particles when they are in the vibratory or light-like phase of their particle state. Poetically put, it is the light ‘inside’ of light or in a sense light’s own multi-dimensional Torsion Field: the field through which physical, visible and perceptible light manifests in 4-D reality.

“This is not para-light precisely: it is not the ‘solid’ light that is the core of all light: intelligent light is at once the process of manifesting para-light and light imbued with multi-dimensional information-patterns sourced in the Zero dimension. In short, intelligent light can be compared to the very thoughts of the Divine Being. It is for this alone that you need spiritual development in order to approach and communicate with intelligent light: you need to be at least familiar with its frequency, if not also able to create, retain and focus that frequency as well.

“Yet lest you assume therefore that none but the exalted, the special and chosen and divinely-anointed ones would be the only ones that could perceive, much less work with, such supernal light, I will say that Love itself communicates through, rides upon and indeed creates all other frequencies. When you work with love, first, particularly when you engage your Core Tone, you automatically find yourself encountering the lower octaves of intelligent light’s frequencies. Thus, you can, by focusing upon the lower frequencies within your own heart’s state of love and then refining them by focusing them as though through the crystal of your heart as in a laser. 

In the beginning, just accomplishing that, getting used to the higher-level energies of Love and intelligent light and then focusing the two into coherence, can take long months, even years. Yet there is always Grace, for it can cohere all aspects of Light: its true nature is beyond even para-light, and will be worthy of discussion at a later time.”

To be continued… 

Engaging Intelligent Light

Photons, both within and outside of the visual range, are entrained through the use of a laser and can be perceived through a polarizing filter, and these physical tools provide obvious clues as to how you might entrain light psychically or spiritually, especially when you consider thoughts themselves to be aspects of light. much as radio, micro, gamma and X-ray waves are: leaping from the neurons’ cellular interactions much as bioluminescence shines from animals’ bodies, the thoughts that leap up from your neurons have not been discerned in the brain, like infrared or ultraviolet frequencies, thoughts are perceived by their effects upon physical matter and consciousness. Thus,cohering your thoughts in deep meditation and learning to perceive the polarized aspects of thought (not only the conscious and unconscious aspects but the transcendent and spiritual ones.

As radio waves exist in the atmosphere constantly, much as all other forms of light, yet must be “caught” by a tuner much as the laser must have a crystal, you must refine the inner lattices of your mind in order to cohere them into an effective form; hence, of course, the years of spiritual study and being trained by a teacher or perhaps allowing yourself moments of Grace by which you change the polarity your own thoughts so that they mesh in step with the divine intention, giving your thoughts greater impact upon reality. In a very real sense, the method of spiritual training does not matter: learning how to use the crystal of spiritual comprehension does: when you know that your thoughts, prayers or wishes are heard and see the direct evidence in later incidents, then you know you have match the divine carrier wave’s resonance.

You can certainly use your own thoughts to engage intelligent Light; indeed, until science has worked out a few more details, the mind is the only means of communication. And, similar to the crystal wave guides for lasers or radios, your mind needs to learn more about light itself. What, after all, is the frequency of intelligent light? 

Training Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “Human beings are very practical: when they see something new, they investigate it to see if they can get benefit from it.  Can you eat it, use it, make other things with it? Is it something you can learn from or that you have to learn to avoid? Do you need new tools or methods in order to deal with this new thing? This is not only the scientific method, it is the method of an engineer: discover what this thing is, how it works, how it can be used and what you can learn from it.

And so it is with intelligent light: light is already used in storage devices and communications and in a very real sense you have trained light to do these things. Spiritual healers, visionaries and masters of blessing have also trained light, in addition to having light train them: it responds to their willful intentions regarding healing and blessings, flights of insight and spirit communications: communicating with spirit while in human form certainly demands though, thus electrochemical and quantum electromagnetic frequencies which are indeed forms of light. 

Generally, photons are not affected by magnetism though they are affected by gravity, but there is another force of nature not often discussed: consciousness, particularly conscious intention, and this certainly affects the aspects mentioned above. Yet to engage light enough to communicate your intentions to it, you need to refine, not only your mind or consciousness, but your entire being: your mind, emotions, focus, psychic perceptions and spiritual station.  At present, light is being trained through electromagnetic patterning and physical conduits, but to communicate with and instruct light without devices demands that, in a sense, you become a device to guide light, receiving information from it, giving information to it and becoming a photon wave-guide. 

Intelligent Light Again

From Nikola Tesla: Needless to say, any discovery of Light’s intelligence depends upon asking it the intelligent questions it needs in order to respond to human intentions and it also needs sufficient human intelligence to understand its answers. Paradoxically, scientific analysis might even get in the way of both the answers and the questions: personal spiritual training and  experience might be the better method to pursue asking Light what its true nature is. Indeed, spiritual masters of all places and times have been able to ask enough of the right questions of light to be able to heal, to see the future and to speak for the souls of the people. Some of these spiritual teachers seek out the Light; and the Light seeks out others so that they become masters through Light’s own wisdom.

Again, at base, Light’s intelligence is multi-dimensional, and what else is the source of multi-dimensional reality but the Zero Dimension, the place of God? For this reason alone science must learn from religion and religion from science until they agree with the many who have said that they are, in truth, the same: science is the study of God, religion is the discovery of God and spiritual mastery is created in the place where science and religion meet. Indeed, if done correctly, attuning to the divine automatically enables your human mind, heart and intelligence to perceive the rarefied, challenging languages with which light speaks. 

As an expression of the Divine Intelligence, Light itself knows which questions you can create and which answers you may receive, so perhaps the first thing you must do is to ask  Light to align your mind and thoughts into laser-like focus. You may learn this focus form a spiritual teacher, but Light can be your spiritual teacher; you can learn this clarity from trial and error and all of your other experiences, but if you ask Light, “What is your true nature?” and agree to learn from its intelligence, you will more likely find that you are given the tools you need than if you reach out with what you already know.