Continued Meditation: In Body, Out of Body, Containing Body

From Nikola Tesla: “Once you have imagined yourself above your body, then feel the atmosphere around it as though you were the atmosphere itself: feel the shape your body makes in the air. Pay attention to the differing degrees of density: air is made up of a very few elements shifting and sliding around one another freely and yet with such energy that they actually create pressure on the body. By contrast, the body is made of many elements including “air:” not only the air you breathe in, but the hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen that create the carbon-based lattices of which your body is made.

“If you would like, you can watch the breath as it comes into your lungs while paying attention to the process through which the oxygen enters the blood in order to become part of the body quite directly, cell by cell, and then how the cells release some of their carbon to become the CO2 you breathe out. Within this process are numerous opportunities to notice the moments of transition: how the oxygen becomes part of the blood cells, how it is taken to the cells and becomes a catalyst for life by assisting huge numbers of tiny, important and nearly instantaneous transactions between elemental array and elemental array, (This moment of transition is similar to the moment with your inhalation becomes your exhalation, and your exhalation transforms into the inhalation again. This moment of pause between one thing and another can be tremendously fascinating, and paying attention to the significance of those moments of shift can actually hone your intuition.)

“Feel how the oxygen works, refreshing, renewing and rebuilding the cells and all the processes it touches. And then, burdened at once by carbon and other unneeded elements, watch and feel how the oxygen gathers other elements to itself as it gets carried back to the lungs again: now it will be carrying carbon, water, nitrogen and even more complex things from the leftover molecules of the licorice you just ate to the subtle, tiny remnants of countless metabolic processes that allow some diseases to be discerned simply by analyzing the outgoing breath.”

Alternate Realities: Inevitable Choice Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said before, alternate realities are infinitely infinite: every reality is infinite; every re-manifestation driven by choice of that reality is infinite; every opportunity for choice within the reality you have chosen and focused upon is infinite and every potential expression is realized, including those realities that are completely unexpected. However, as a human being, you would find these infinite infinities totally unworkable. so you start by shaving off your areas of perception by putting yourself into physical reality, then into your human body and brain and then you cut down your experience even more through your beliefs, habits and preferences.

“In short, as vast as your reality seems, it is only a minuscule fraction of what is present in your experience and what might manifest into that experience. Therefore, rather than by saying to yourself, ‘Oh, God, why did this happen to me?” ask yourself, “Out of an infinity of infinities, why did I choose this reality? What am I trying to show myself, learn, discover, accomplish or understand? If I have woken up on this reality, why? If it is a nightmare, why? If it is bliss and success, why? What am I trying to show myself? What am I trying to learn, discover or work through?’

“Already this changes your experience from helplessness in some cases or entitlement in others into the positive question: “What opportunities have I presented to myself in order to discern my true nature?” Because you, as a human being, have every opportunity to trust your choices and the reasons behind them; you are actually your own best advocate. Granted, reason itself is far too limited a tool with which to create reality: only those things beyond reason allow reality to expand enough to fully experience itself. However, your human self relaxes when it finds reason because reasons provide boundaries. And in an infinitely infinite reality, only the Divine Being can live without boundaries.”

Meditation: In Body, Out of Body, Containing Body

From Nikola Tesla: “Close your eyes and focus on your body. Feel how it sits in the chair; feel where it is a little chilled or too warm. Focus on it with even more detail: how, precisely, are your feet feeling? How are the foot-bones arranged, and how do the muscles lie on the bones? What are the ankles doing, and the lower legs? Watch your own awareness of your very physical body travels up along its form, and pay attention to the details. Have you thanked your liver lately for all its work detoxifying what you eat or drink? Do you know where your spleen is? And your thymus: is it really as dead and unused as it’s supposed to be once you’re out of childhood, or is there some life in it yet?

“Now, pay attention to your immediate environment with as much concentration on detail as you did with your body. Granted, you don’t have nerve endings that tell you about the chair you’re sitting in, but you can imagine it or “make it up.” Feel how the cushion in the chair shifts it shape to take your body’s weight, and how that load affects the chair-legs. Do the legs have wheels? Are they resting on the rug, or tile or wood? Is the chair close to the wall or in the middle of the room? Pay attention to the details! 

“Finally, imagine that your consciousness is rising above both your body and the chair, floating upward into the air above. This may actually be more difficult because your concentrating mind is so used to being based in your skull, in the area just behind your eyes. But persist, until you feel you are looking down at your body and its chair from the ceiling. When you have that image clearly, again pay as much attention as you can to the details. Can you see in your mental vision how the light falls on the body and the chair? Can you sense the atmosphere around both?”

To be continued…

Folding Yourself Out of Time

From Nikola Tesla: “As I mentioned last week, you do not fold Time as much as folding your human self out of its patterns, so that the structures of the past no longer drive the experiences of the present or the future. This can be done with tedious care as with long hours spent in counseling or group work as within AA, grief counseling for losses of many kinds or simply working with someone else in order to straighten out misunderstandings: as these are forms of healing and thus bring in higher-level energies from the enfolded dimensions, Time itself must be used to change your relationship to its continual flow.

“There are meditations that might be used to facilitate the processes, both in terms of time spent and the effort of the work, though the truest help can be had from the higher dimensions themselves, as in spontaneous initiations, miraculous conversions or revelation: these are often outside of your command and apart from your conscious work, though such shifts can only happen when you do the personal, psychological and/or meditative work.

I have said elsewhere that Time is a steady reference point for many aspects of the unfolded dimensions; I would add that part of the reason for creating Time, besides to use it as a means of separating Space into incidents that do not coincide, is also part of what upholds the very illusion of human identity. The purpose of bending yourself out of Time’s structures is to change your relationship to Time but the experience of bending yourself free of those temporal structures is terrifying and exhilarating, challenging and full of Grace, thus demanding the strength of spiritual courage and humility’s gentle acceptance. You need to become pliable enough to slide free of Time’s own structures, particularly the emotional cages created by repetition and accretion: you need to withdraw from your identification of Time’s past structures that you have used in order to take advantage of Time’s steady reference point, and instead open yourself up into your  higher-order dimension of Identity.” 

Non-linear Time Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “You most often fold time through four different methods: in your meditation, by engaging intuition, in dreams and by receiving higher-order data from a Higher-dimensional Source, whether your own Higher Self or from the Core of the Divine, in spontaneous flashes of insight.

“When the meditation is deep enough it becomes the Dreamtime: seeing Time and its aspects as shapes of action and rhythms of Reality’s expression, you relate to Time in a more global fashion, literally. As I described earlier, much as you would find yourself on a different time on Earth if you traveled from France to Indonesia in an instant and then went on to Argentina, you have less difficulty pulling in Time from the past, the broader present, or the future simultaneously. When your intuition is deep enough, which generally happens when you learn to trust it consistently so that it acts consistently in your reality, you will find the present answering to, and creating, a future that is not yet present.

“The deeper form of dreaming is often lucid dreaming, whether consciously created and focused or through spontaneous Grace: These are dreams that are so vivid, so graciously significant, that they can be remembered through your whole life. Many of these are prophetic, because they are folding time when they touch your sleeping consciousness. In dreams like these you perceive Time’s folded shape directly and give yourself a significant image or images to remember for later.

“Spontaneous initiations, the deep changes of your own state of mind and essential attitudes towards your reality, fold Time in the sense that they remove you from one pattered sequence of Time into another, so that everything is the same but it is different. Your mother-in-law will be the same, generally, when you shift your perceptions of her, but obviously your relationship to her will be different with the new understanding created by the sudden spiritual insight. The reason is that often you change your relationship to Time by, not so much folding it as you folding yourself out of the way of the previous sequences. This is a subtle point and will be discussed next week.”