Dreams and Visions

From Nikola Tesla: There is a quote in the Bible about “Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions” when “the spirit of God pours His Spirit upon all.” Many already understand that this present time after the Shift is such a time, for surely dreams, visions and prophecies seem particularly abundant at this time. Though surely they might open and be revealed at any time, yet there is a genuine increase in the ambient energy within the world at this time because the spirit within the world is waking again, pulling in new energy as if breathing the first inhalations of the new morning. As your DNA is beginning to wake up to its own true nature again because it has finally developed enough to receive the higher-order energies that have been promised, things that were difficult such as comprehending others, feeling empathy and agape, seeing the value in every person, will become easy, and the things that were easy, such as willful arrogance, acting selfishly without comprehending others or devaluing them, will become hard. 

“If you can feel your own hand, you will know when it is hurt; similarly, when you can feel your harmonic resonance with others’ DNA through your Para-sound Encodings, you will also know when others are hurt and you will have as little desire to hurt them as you would want to hurt your own hand. Naturally and normally, your own thoughts and imagination, your imaging-within, would reach out beyond the old edges, the old ways of thinking. For some, this is terrifying: How can you remain yourself if you start feeling other people are a part of you? How can you know what you know or do what you want to do, unless what you know is only yours?

“Paradoxically you can reach outside of yourself without losing your self through visions: the visions of the broad unity that is never uniform because all of the separate aspects of the whole are needed in order to create the desired patterns within the Divine Mind in Reality.”



From Nikola Tesla: “Inspiration literally means to breathe in: to allow air to flow in the lungs. Breath for the physical body of course means taking in oxygen, prana (which for some might be the anti-entropic orgone energy), and other trace substances, subtle and unsubtle that inform your body about your immediate environment, such as whether or not you burned the toast.

“However, though inspiration for the mind or soul can be encouraged with physical breath, the soul’s inspiration uses a very different, dream-like method of communicating the Divine Intention through the dimension of Identity by stepping down the “immobile” core of Para-light by creating a tiny opening to much higher energies through a flash of insight. Like a kaleidoscope, the tiny yet whole parts of the self must shift and change until the correct combination is found to allow the light through, Receptivity in the sense of petitioning for assistance is the equivalent of tipping the kaleidoscope: it allows things to move in at least one direction, and separates some of the inner pieces, perhaps enough to allow the light to enter. Emotional shocks can shake the parts of you until they fall into a new form, though if the shock is too great, your mind and spirit can be shattered much as the kaleidoscope can be broken, However, the analogy breaks down because, as though the device could fix itself, inspiration can be used to solve the effect of the shock,

“However, another important thing to understand about inspiration is that it requires a state of humble pliability. Humble in its original sense, of “able to be taught,” and pliable in the sense of being able to change your mind, your methods, your expectations and your direction of working, perhaps one part at a time, and perhaps everything at once. Artists, writers, healers and other inspired people often seem erratic, capricious and uncertain because they must respond to the Divine Intention with that same responsive flexibility of the Divine Mind itself.”