Changing History Now

From Nikola Tesla: “If history were taught from the standpoint of the shining moments of when things worked well, it could change everything. Though, as many have said, you notice what is wrong with something long before you notice what is right with it: the odd, the different, the ‘wrong’ things were generally the dangerous ones and noticing them would keep you alive. Predators of all kinds look for anomalies: the uneven gait of a wounded or sick animal; perhaps an animal with some genetic defect: these were easier to catch. This in a very real sense is where the culture of the brute comes in: by making others weaker, attacking or damaging them, you can make yourself safer, or at least feel that you are. If there is famine, then the weak, the different ones, must be driven out, must be removed. In a herd, a group of animals that has very little individuality within one identity, this is by far the safest course.

“However, humanity is not a herd: humanity is a troupe, and an exalted one at that. Elephants live in groups, but they care for the sick and weak ones as much as they are able: the collective realizes that every member has something to contribute in experience and wisdom. Indeed, the young males are driven away when they reach a certain age because their contumacious nature would harm the troupe They are left alone to learn from the forest until they grow and then return. Primate societies also recognize the value of wise experience, taking the extra time to help the wounded ones, at least to the degree that they, as animals can.

“For humanity to reduce itself back to the mindset of the herd: that the weak, special or different ones are dangerous, that the herd must be kept ‘pure’ by reducing the number of odd ones, is a step backwards. For humanity to choose the rule of the brute absolutely beggars humanity’s soul, removing the wise, the gifted and the sensitive. The fear that drives this step backward is truly atavistic: it is based on herd-fear of the simpler animals like herbivores. But to be an omnivore, as human beings surely are, demands intelligence, forethought and wise experience. You need the gifted ones to live more successfully! And it is from these that history’s shining moments have been created.”

Dark Light

From Nikola Tesla: “I have mentioned in Volume One that light’s sine wave is part of what causes the interference pattern in the “double slit experiment” that shows light to be both a wave and a particle depending on the observer. And I have said that the “dark”light is still light, much as a wave rising above the ocean and dipping down out of sight remains part of the ocean.

“But I would also like to add another perception: because of the nature of consciousness, because of its necessary rate of vibration within 4t-dimensional reality, consciousness does not perceive the whole sine arch of light’s sine wave. On an oscilloscope, the sine wave arches above and below the referential “horizon line” evenly: any wave has the same amplitude above as below that line. However, human consciousness is situated in a particular vantage point that is actually above the median horizon line, at least within our metaphor.In other words, your conscious mind cannot perceive more than half the information within light-waves. Like a screen that is held above the water at a certain level, consciousness “catches” only certain waves of quite specific amplitude, and cannot catch any that do not reach its level.

“This might be easier to comprehend if you remember the various levels of the mind: unconscious, subconscious and conscious: in a classic pyramid shape the unconscious mind is the broad, flat base, the subconscious the median level and the conscious mind the smallest pyramid at the top. Thee are many reasons for this, the main of which is to actually cut down on the amount of input the human mind must process within 4-D reality by “paring away” certain perceptions. As I have mentioned elsewhere, some of this is done in the brain itself: it cuts down input regularly because it has been trained by evolution to only pay attention to those things it considers minimally essential to keeping you alive.

“Yet the point I am making here is: there is actually more “dark light” in human consciousness than the bright, and in terms of human dreams, experience, spirituality and magic the dark light has much more impact.”

More On the Dimension of Identity

From Nikola Tesla: “I have spoken of the Dimension of Identity a great deal, but for the most part it seems an undefined concept, perhaps even a catch-all for things that have not been fully understood. It is one of the enfolded dimensions; however, because of the Torsion Fields of Translation and Formation, you can see the evidence of this inner dimension constantly. Everything in physical form has an identity, whether it is an object with only minimal consciousness and therefore unlikely to know it has an identity, or whether an identity that has been uncovered, as in a specific object or a new species: something entirely new that has been created and made by human ingenuity or by random chance that can now be seen as a separate entity. This is the obvious form of that dimension, as obvious as potential and kinetic energy are. You are used to acting through the four dimensions of height, breadth, length and time, and using energy to carry a ball up a hill and then knock it down so it rolls. However, you rarely think about the dimensions you are using in order to accomplish this. Similarly, when you find that sweeping up pile of detritus from the floor is far easier than picking up the items one by one, you rarely realize you are similarly using energy to move things within the dimension of Identity: because of the energy you put into the sweeping process the pile now has its own identity, much as it took energy to put the ball at the top of the hill, using the dimensions of height and time at least. When you mix something as in cooking, there is a moment when the separate parts: the ground beef, spices, egg, bread crumbs and raisins abruptly become a whole thing: the ingredients to make meatballs. You can almost feel the change when this mixture has come together as a whole. Certainly this needs energy, much as carrying a ball to the top of the hill does . But pay attention to how and when identities form, and you will learn much about the nature of this enfolded dimension.”

“Wavicles” and Other Phenomena

From Volume One: “Because you are so used to perceiving the wave events as particles, this ghostly imprint gives the illusion of being a particle to even the “new” physicists.”

Comment from Tesla: “If the peculiar results from the “double slit” experiment, where photons create an interference pattern, were studied more closely, more aspects of the enfolded dimensions might be discerned. As has been said elsewhere, water moves fish as much as fish move through the water: the water surrounds the fish and they adapt to it by sculling their fins, yet at the same time they continually respond to currents in the water. When a reef fish darts away from a predator, or a school of fish blooms out away from that predator’s lunge, you might perceive that the water pulls them away from the shock-wave caused by the predator’s swift movement as much as they use their fins to push against the liquid.

All particles are created by the turning, liquid tetrahedrons of the Units of Consciousness (as we explain at greater length in Volume Three) that constantly change their geometric relationships to one another with such responsive fluidity that an observer’s attention is like the shock wave from a predator: it causes the Units of Consciousness to behave differently in regards to their super-fine, fluid, geometric patterns that create the illusions of particles. The Units of Consciousness are tinier than photons and are more similar to the “plasma-like” energy-field of Ether than any other particle, wave or field. But in our analogy, the sea they swim in is composed of the divine Intention of Manifestation, switching from the unmanifested to the manifested reality with even more ease than water molecules slide over one another. It is only by this dancing artistry that physical matter can be created, in the continual flow that quivers constantly on the edge of Becoming that remains responsive to conditions on the edges of Spacetime. It is this quivering, liquid-like state of the Units of Consciousness that allow reality to move, and be moved by, the “water” of consciousness.