Watching for the Dimension of Identity

From Volume Two: “On a human level that is why peace and harmony are immediately beneficial to all living systems. Their coherence allows more “room” for the vast creativity of the enfolded geometries to inform and re-pattern the expressed geometries.”

Comment from Tesla: “Similar to the way a jumbled pile of clothes takes up more space than a folded pile, or at the very least takes extra work in jamming them all rumpled into the suitcase, chaotic disharmony and strife take more energy, time and effort to deal with simply because of the internal dimension of Primordial Chaos. Similarly, the dimension of Identity can either help processes or hinder them because of it’s dimensional effects, but it is a dimension that can be perhaps more easily perceived if you look at things correctly. Sweeping up several miscellaneous objects into a pile actually re-positions them in the dimension of Identity into a new identity, that of an aggregate, or a pile to sweep up into the dustpan. Certainly, gathering the scattered dirt and other items from the floor takes time and effort, but that actually proves the point: climbing a hill is working with the dimensions of height and length quite directly, and does indeed take time and effort as well. Those dimensions are visible, so they seem to be inarguably present. The dimension of Identity is at once an enfolded dimension in that it cannot be see, weighed, measured or caught in a Petri dish, but at the same time it manifests itself in countless, unfolded, ways: in the meaning of some thing or by how easily it is recognized, how easily a person is recognized or by the strength that person has to overcome trials. When you look for the “slopes” of Identity’s dimension, you will surely find them by watching how things change their meaning in real time.”


The Divine View of Simultaneity in Paradox

From Volume Two: “Existence itself does not flicker: the dimensions do. A way to become more aware of this flow of existence is to become more aware of the silence within sound, the sound within silence, and how the changes of state of those two aspects of information are actually smooth, contiguous, and continuous.”

Comment from Tesla: “This does require a creative, dream-like state of mind where you widen your mind’s notions of believe-ability to include the unity in opposites: a third-point vantage what reaches beyond duality. Such a view is close to the divine ability to perceive a human being’s actions as he perceives them, the results of those actions on others from an impersonal view as well as the personal experiences of those involved in the first person’s activities. The first human being’s actions might seem necessary and right to him, or perhaps foolish and wrong, but usually he perceives reality only from his vantage point, and thus cannot comprehend the full effects of those actions. On the greater scale of the impersonal divine view, that action might be seen as good or kind, justified or correct or necessary, or thoughtless, cruel and able to create a huge number of unintended consequences. The person that has been acted upon might feel wronged or encouraged, hurt or furious at being offended, or might even become enlightened to one degree of another simply because of that person’s readiness to receive the next step in his own comprehension of his nature and the nature of reality. Thus, when perceived non-paradoxically, as though with the divine comprehension, any action may be seen as beneficial or noxious, supportive or ineffectual simultaneously. If you can reach into the simultaneous flow of such paradoxes, you can begin to fathom how the dimensions change their relationships to one another in order to create shift and change.”

Reality as a Moebius torus

From Volume Two: “As in the quantum jump from existence to non-existence: “where” does the electron “go” as it flickers from one shell to the next? From the point of view of the higher dimensions, the electron’s flicker is another sine wave: a sine wave-like shape describing a multi-dimensional torus.”

Comment from Tesla: “Spirals, sine waves, expanding areas of force are all affected directly by the Torsion Field of Translation that shifts the higher-energy, timeless and spaceless “solid” reality at the core of existence, and the easiest, lowest-energy, method of doing this acts through spherical forms. As I have said before, the sphere is the 4-D form closest to the inner, multi-dimensional form, and the reason is that the infinity can express itself through the spherical shape more elegantly than any other. In some respects, the second miracle of existence was the straight line of light that could interpenetrate the infinite sphere and create shapes from its energetically balanced form, using the infinite line-shape of the plane to cut and shape the solid mass of infinity. The first miracle was and is the constant, perpetual, ever-renewing Torsion Field of Translation’s work, because in addition to giving form to the formless, it causes and allowed Time to be not only infinite but without beginning. This is another reason why the torus-shape is of such great importance: as with the Moebius strip, the torus contains itself and is contained by itself, which is the closest I can come to explaining the fact that infinite Time has no beginning and no end, and yet was created. As when in 4-D reality you create the Moebius strip by distorting a strip of paper’s plane through the 3rd dimension and joining its ends, the torus is the 4-D representation of the higher-dimensional process by which 4-D is “bent” and re-formed by linked self-reference, so to speak. That existence can be without beginning or end, and yet began, is a true Mystery.”