Time and the Inter-dimensional Lattice

From Volume Two: “As we stated above, time itself is not energy, but an interrelation of direction and timing. The timing demands a point of balance between two opposing states of energy, and the direction is the angle that engages with the enfolded dimensions.”

Comment from Tesla: “Time is a latticework upon which all energies, processes, particles and waves, units of consciousness and dimensional arrays are placed. Those quantum particles, quasi-physical energies like the psychic function enabled through Para-sound and light’s photons are, in metaphor, similar to the parts of a gauzy curtain hung on the lattice that are unsupported: they relate directly to time in that they are part of the curtain, the hologram of reality’s expression, but the steadily shifting shapes of the units of consciousness are what retain the unfolded structures. Timing is generated automatically by space-time because of that same unfolded relativistic interrelation that the units of consciousness’ tetrahedrons create, and the two opposing states of energy are the enfolded dimensions’ translation into the unfolded 4-D physical reality. The point of balance is accomplished through the Torsion Field of Translation: it controls the flicker between enfolded and unfolded, between particle and wave, between being and becoming, thus providing the angels of relationship through a kind of “polarization.” So in a very real sense Time may be considered a series of interactions between the enfolded and unfolded dimensions that retain an overall forward direction because of the way the units of consciousness’ tetrahedrons combine with one another: their internal geometries create the sine waves that electrons traverse when they “go” between dimensions.”

Time and Consciousness

From Volume Two: “In these [twilight] states [of consciousness], time is flowing in both directions at once, and is allied with neither direction, but is suspended between the two. In other words, it is a state similar to cold fusion, and could be simply described as pure magic or Grace, where it does not take high energy to create more energy.”

Comment from Tesla: “In this way meditations and dreams represent both states of temporal semi-conduction and reveals consciousness’s points of origin in both the enfolded an unfolded dimensions. Consciousness is able to overleap time in specific, though still somewhat limited ways at present: near-death experiences, imagination, reveries and meditations, and states of hypnosis that include past-life recall. Your present conscious limits regarding time are in part because you have not been trained in either meditation or out-of-time recall since an early age, and thus your brain has lost the fine translation structures necessary, much as a child that is not taught certain aspects of a language when young enough will not be able to speak them properly later. Yes, physical time does progress at a fixed rate, but your consciousness can weave and interweave itself through its experience of time and Time as well, and can approach the hidden energies and structures within your own personal connection to Time with those dancing shifts. You can pull out added energy in limited amounts from the areas of semi-conductive contact between Time and consciousness. At least you certainly may learn how to balance your conscious energy with temporal energies so that you can even re-pattern your physical relationship to time. That this occurs frequently in meditation, channeling, creative inspiration, and dreaming should be no surprise.”

Engaging Higher-Order Creativity

From Volume Two: “Consciously engaging the higher-order energies and states of para-temporal realities can be done without demanding that the locus of the engagement is also at a higher energy. This most generally can occur in the marginal, twilight states of consciousness.”

Comment from Tesla: “In other words, the semi-conducting twilight states of mind: dreams, reverie, imagination, creativity and states of consciousness altered through religious or spiritual exaltation shift the inner geometries of consciousness itself into fresh alignments with the higher-energy dimensions so that these dimensions “pour” or “stretch” themselves far enough to touch the slower, lower-energy configurations and shift them. Rather like putting a tiny cup under a waterfall in order to catch one drop from the Niagara of divine consciousness, the particular, offset focus of a thoughtful or dreaming mind opens a tiny moment of receptivity. This is why artists and writers may begin well, with a shining, different idea, and then lose that original impetus over time: the even with the blurred softness of a twilight state, the “roar” of the infinitely creative waterfall becomes too frightening over time. Granted, some or you are more facile with beginnings in the first place: beginnings are functions of conception, and conception automatically engaged the higher dimensions necessarily, so you can ride on that higher-level energy as well as receiving it. You can take the metaphorical funicular railway up to the falls, put your cup out and feel at least somewhat secure. But when you must get out of the railway car and stand by the waterfall, holding their cup out to it with just your own feet for balance, that can frighten you clear away from your creative expression’s original gift, whether it be a new series of books, or a new style of painting, or a new way of relating to others. Those of you who believe that the blurriness, the semi-conducting nature of the receptive state of mind is what is needed might drink, or do drugs, in order to reproduce that moment of alignment. But it is not the semi-conducting states that opens and receives the creativity, it is the alignment with the higher-order, higher-energy dimensions.

Stem Cells and Semi-Conducting Time

From Volume Two: “For [creating renewed and renewing of stem cells without stem cells themselves], we need semi-conducting versions of time.”

Comment from Tesla: “Semi-conducting Time is similar to the waver of reality in Schrödinger’s thought-experiment with the cat, or as likely the way the mind loses track of itself as it is heading towards sleep: Time can lose its grip on you, and you upon it, so that what seems a moment can be nearly an hour, and what seems and hour can be only a few moments. Although it may be infinitely arguable that in that case you are merely dealing with the mind’s own confusion, there is a real, though alas as yet immeasurable flutter in reality, similar to the quantum mechanics that describe similar confusions with cause-and-effect sequences. This is in fact how the psychic field that allows premonitions, the psychic re-view of past events or the notifications of present, but distant, events: when the psychically sensitive mind is stilled enough, parts of the mind slide free of Time, and the desired “unofficial” information can be perceived. Similar to seeing the headlights of cars following you with a rear-view mirror tipped in order to change the angle of reflection from direct to indirect, if you pay attention you can see other reflections on that mirror as well, especially if there is some light in the car. Granted, this example is only meant as metaphor: diverting your attention to the other cars around you while driving is foolish at least and fatal at worst. But the point I want to make here is that the mirror has both surfaces coexisting in it, and it takes a shift of attention to see the indirect reflection that is always there.”