Organelles Outside of Time

From Volume Two: “This kind of shift [outside of time] would allow the organelles within normal cells to function much as they do with single-celled organisms: creating the renewed and renewing effects of stem cells without stem cells themselves.”

Comment from Tesla: “But in point of fact non-temporal healing is much more rapid than physical stem cells could possible achieve because in such healing the matter in question, the damaged areas in that body, are leveraged outside of time, shifted, and re-engaged, usually quite seamlessly, in their new pattern. In any animal cells, the mitochondria in particular are the pivot points of this leverage because of the mitochondria’s specific connections to Time: the mitochondria regulate both cell growth and cell death. Though nearly every eukaryotic cell has them to provide ATP as well as the temporal functions, all single-celled entities, plant, animal, or spore, have organelle-like structures that serve the same function although through different means. We and others have noted before that the human pineal gland provides direct links to the enfolded dimensions, but of course the mitochondria and similar organelles are also linked; this is what allows and engages all forms of non-physically-based healing: psychic, angelic, mental as with guided imagery; and direct divine action, as with spontaneous healing through Grace. It is this link to the enfolded dimensions, however minute, that allows mitochondria in both single-celled animals and more complex animal forms to function as stem cells: briefly cleared of any pattern in a “Brownian motion” of fluttering between the unfolded and enfolded states of matter, Ether is used as a Torsion Field to link the mitochondrial “instruction set” to a more stable, higher-energy pattern. Thus the organelle’s refreshed pattern changes the cell. Indeed, stem cells themselves also work through this leverage outside of Time, and resulting form an understandably very stable Etheric pattern from the enfolded dimensions.

Shifting Matter into Non-Temporal States

From Volume Two: “And, as consciousness can be engaged with such dis-temporal effects, so also matter can be shifted, briefly, into non-temporal states.”

Comment from Tesla: “This happens in miraculous healing all the time, as when a man who had an extra-terrestrial encounter that had part of his leg bone replaced, to other examples of NDE healing, but minute shifts into timelessness for mater and consciousness alike are more common than supposed. I’ve mentioned before that prayer, meditation, and creative flow all encourage re-connections and re-configurations with Timelessness, as in the Zero Dimension, but there are also moments of timelessness in dreams and in Delta sleep. This is one of the reasons why those who cannot achieve deep sleep for whatever reason suffer so: they have been denied the precious moments of non-temporal and dis-temporal effects that the body needs in order to function well. If someone with poor sleep were able to meditate, the situation would be ameliorated, and lifetimes of intense, flowing creativity, such as even my own, also get the non-temporal refreshments needed, sometimes to such a degree that the non-temporal lattices are engaged simultaneously with the waking state. This is consciousness affecting matter directly, albeit they are the same essential ‘substance:’ the fact that this effect can be intentionally encouraged is worthy of pursuit.” Comment from Francesca: “Non-temporal aspects could certainly lead into non-spatial aspects as well; I am thinking of UFOs, and how they seem to disappear instantly, of move with such incredible speed, to say nothing of the ‘lost time’ of abductees. I know the classic equation is d=r x t. but I wonder whether the time factor can be shifted, as in d = r x t2, or something, where the shift in time allows the shift in the physical parameters. Impossible to prove or grasp at this time, but wonderful to speculate about. It may be that the UFOs and similar things are using haloclines of time, i.e., already existing structures within time/space, and they don’t have to do anything special at all.”

The Nature of Information

Volume Two: “Indeed, a clue to finding these [enfolded M-D] geometries is semi-conducted dimensional geometries of any kind that open 4-D physical reality to higher-order structures of information. Hence, such a thing as cyberspace from semi-conducting silicon chips.”

Comment from Tesla: “In a humorous aside, I will remind everyone that information is invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible without the necessary tools needed to perceive it; similarly, angels are invisible, inaudible, and imperceptible without the necessary tools to perceive them, from a spiritual mind to divine intervention. I do not say that angels are information any more than I say information is angelic, but as many of you already know, information is not, strictly speaking, physical. Even books need to be read, and though the physical form of the book is said to contain information, only those who have the training to do so may interpret it. In this sense, both angels and information touch physical reality at a slant: their main import is not contained in particles, fields, or waves, and instead acts upon them. Physical reality in general has been tuned to perceiving the fluctuating energy state of information itself, from the little eye-spots of one-celled animals that differentiate light from dark, to the telepathic perceptions of human mediums. All forms of communication of course, change, contain and convey information, and all information has some degree of intention behind or within it. Divine information has the highest-energy structure because it has the most significant intentions, or the greatest degree of slope in terms of energy differential. When a physical being has attuned itself enough to perceive the ultra-fine energies and higher-energy gradients of divine intention, the information has much more impact. But as one definition of free will is to refuse information, divine intention itself must change, shift, and re-configure its own M-D points of contact. Hence, the human ability to ignore angels…”

Margins and Consciousness

Volume Two: “Semi-conductive realities such as margins, edges; half-states and transitional states promote Life and Light precisely because they engage the enfolded M-D geometries that are evidenced so clearly in stem cells.”

Comment from Tesla: “Interestingly enough, though perhaps not surprising, consciousness is one of the most marginal states of being in this context; as we said in Volume One, consciousness is the chaotic delimiter of chaos itself. Indeed, were you to follow your own consciousness awareness and watch how it reacts, you would notice that the conscious, sub- and un- conscious minds work simultaneously, and that the unconscious mind is closely connected to Source. If you were to pay even more attention, you would notice that the three expressions of your personal human consciousness can be made to intersect with each other in order to increase or decrease the connections to divine energy, and this of course transforms and re-transforms that energy and your self constantly. The exact and specific geometries by which your three aspects of mind interrelate to one another are what create your core tone: the totally singular and never-repeated “note” of your chaotic inner surfaces engaging one another. This uniqueness and particularity of that conscious expression is indeed why, and paradoxically how, infinity has been created. Those that increase Life in their lives through love, spiritual practice, compassion or even just plain tolerance broaden the enfolded angles of connection tremendously, and thus have more chances of living longer, richer lives. On the Earth at present, with the low levels of energy, there are many good and loving people that do not live long lives, and that may not command the grace they deserve, but this is changing with the profound re-alignments and re-calibration that you have been creating so diligently. In a very close metaphor, the fact that so many have opened and re-opened these inner spiritual geometries leads directly to a greater formation of what might be called spiritual stem cells: standing waves of focused divine Awareness that that allow you to transform your lives and your conscious relationship to them, re-creating more of the original sense of profound Grace.”

Semi-conductive states and super-information:

From Volume Two: “In both eggs and sperm cells there is a “semi-conducting” angle in the inter-dimensional geometry. For this conversation, semi-conduction is a quasi-state, created by two chaotic fringes of different kind fluctuating as they relate, and creating thereby a kind of super-informational state.”

Comment from Tesla: “Primordial Chaos is an enfolded dimension that has its own semi-conducting geometries with 4-D physicality, and is as much an expression of the Divine Intention as is the dimension of Identity, which is the source of Order. It is the internal structure of these three divine aspects that provides the leverage needed to unfold the basic four dimensions of physicality in such a fashion that the unbelievable amount of energy in the divine Self does not overwhelm those unfolded dimensions, and yet allows those unfolded dimensions to retain their connections to the divinity. Rather like capillaries, or the giraffe’s ‘wonder net’ in its brain that allows it to bend its head down safely even though its blood pressure is high enough to reach up its tall neck, the three internal aspects of Divinity act almost like baffles, stepping down a brilliant light’s intensity. And it is not surprising that these internal baffles are expressed in countless 4-D forms, from the fringes of the Fallopian tubes to the M-D translation functions of the pineal gland, and the very action of pulse: the rise, peak, fall, nadir and rise of countless energies and systems. Indeed, Life may itself be considered one of those baffles, because Life engages with consciousness in a similarly offset, semi-conducting fashion. The very process of growth paradoxically has a tremendous amount of “baffling” energy to it (and yes, I know what I said). Growth is actually quite chaotic in several respects, and shows it is out of balance with excessive growths of all kinds, as in cancer, tumors or extra fingers and toes. Healing can be seen as a constant balancing act between chaos and order, using the offset connections to regulate the amount of power pouring into the 4-D manifestation from the Core Source, and judiciously allowing more or less energy into the system. And for this, you need offset semi-conducting angles in order to step the energy down, transforming it.