Chaos and Order

From Volume Two: “This semi-disjunction of angles between Life and Light, in fact, allows chaos to be expressed within order.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is illuminated, in fact, by the nature of randomness itself. There are bits of order within even truly random operations, and as anyone looking into a high-resolution microscope can see, there are random fluctuations within even the most ordered of shapes. But chaos and order are not synonyms, at least not in the sense that they are different ‘words,’ any more than the peaks and troughs of a sine wave are. Instead, chaos and order are both literally different phases of the same thing, and react with consciousness and 4-D reality in different ways as though they were like polarized light. Like turning a polarized filter 90°, the disjunction of the angles allows the phases to be switched in the first place, and the offset of that shift allows both to be finely balanced so that neither chaos nor order cancels the other out, and indeed both augment and compliment each other. The fact that this phase shift is semi-conducting is also quite significant: Like all margins, the almost-but-not quite angling at the points of contact is part of what allows the enfolded dimensions to interact with the unfolded ones, particularly in terms of the ‘slants’ of gravity and to some degree magnetism. In other words, far more combinations are possible than would be if the bridging connection was more direct because of the semi-conduction created between Life, defined as intentional, focused and dynamically arranged consciousness, and light, defined as the bridge between the unfolded and enfolded geometries that has a different, semi-manifest ‘type’ of the units of consciousness than physical matter.” Comment from Francesca: “In this description, once again, reality and even quantum physics can be seen as the inter-arrangements, mixtures, and semi-conducting arrangements of M-D topographies and geometries, without any particular reason for sub-atomic particles at all.”

Folding para-light and manifesting reality

Volume Two: “If this offset [of the angles of Life and Light] did not exist, there would be no M-D gradients, allowing such things as potential energy, the electrons’ quantum effects of their displacement and replacement in 4-D, and all energetic processes.”

Comment from Tesla: “You can explain the manifestation of the divine Zero dimension as though the para-light scored itself along lines of force as you would score heavy paper to allow it to fold into compressible shapes, or cutting the globe into a equal-area projected map. Within this metaphor, this scoring and folding of the vibrationless para-light allows the infinite to be expressed within the finite Source and retain the majority of its characteristics within more and more finite expressions, as in the Juliet sets of fractal images. Because of this metaphorical folding and re-folding, infinity can be found in anything and everything, even though 4-D reality is only an expression of the Zero dimension and not that dimension itself. Still within the limits of the metaphor, Life is what creates the scoring, the delimiting, of the “fabric” of light. Much as human consciousness is the chaos that is the delimiter of chaos itself (see Volume One), Life gives shape and meaning to para-light directly. Life has the power it has because it is doing nothing less than shaping and re-shaping, folding and re-folding the enfolded geometries with their higher energy constantly, not only in terms of fields and forces, photons and quantum effects, but also because of its relationship to the units of consciousness, which as said above are smaller even than quarks. Photons and their wavelengths are the “ghosts,” shadows and reflections, of this para-light of the Source, and all units of consciousness are birthed in the Source. When you start using your consciousness to uncover its own nature, you open these angles between M-D and 4-D reality even more. Comment from Francesca: “Jane Roberts and Seth coined the term ‘consciousness units’ long ago, but I do know that the consciousness unit’s inner shapes create the Three Essential forms of sphere, line, and chaotic edge much as water is ice, water, and steam.”


From Volume Two: “It has been said elsewhere that unpredictability is necessary for change itself to exist. In a similar way, the offset angles of Light and Life allow new and unforeseen combinations of circumstance and manifestation to occur.”

Comment from Tesla: “From broken symmetry to semi-conduction, the Zero dimension manifests itself in off-side ways because in a very real way a straight line is the most fragile and least strong manifestation of energy, whereas the other two essential forms, the sphere and the chaotic edge, are the strongest. In a very odd way, this explains why light rays are straight: this is the only way they can relate to the torsion fields of Formation. You might consider the sphere to be Order, the chaotic edge to he Disorder, and the straight line is what “stitches” the two together because it allows for the offset angles and vectors. The straight line is a direction of energy, but other aspects such centrifugal force, angular momentum, and inertia are all based on the intersections of the enfolded dimensions that manifest as the sphere. This mingled intersection through the chaotic edge creates sine waves, the shape of the magnetic field, and other curling energies such as inertia, the inverse square law, and the essential torus shape of the universe. Now: to the extent that Life and Light can both be considered conscious entities, as consciousness is the core of all things, e.g., as in the essential consciousness of the Zero dimension, they participate with the divine intention directly to enfold both the dimension of Primordial Chaos. In this way they work and re-work the straight lines of divine intention within the spherical shapes of form, both causing and creating manifested mathematical chaos, the multitudinous fractal shapes such as river deltas and tree branches. The above is a long way of saying that Primordial Chaos, being the dimension most closely allied with the Zero dimension besides the dimension of identity, must use spheres and lines to express itself, because those spheres and lines actually allow it to do so.

Hierarchy of Vibrations

Volume Two: “No unfolded vibration can entrain or overwhelm an enfolded one. This outrageous statement must be qualified later, of course. But it is a spiritual truth in many respects.”

Comment from Tesla: “Certainly, unfolded vibrations of all kinds, including physicality itself, can overwhelm other unfolded dimensions and vibrations constantly in specific circumstances, such as when a higher-energy vibration from the enfolded dimensions creating a state of spiritual enlightenment can certainly be overwhelmed if a berserker kills the enlightened being out of hand. I had not meant to be absurd with my statement above, or with my caveats either: what I was attempting to describe was inter-dimensional slopes. Much as time is a Moebius strip that shows only one infinite side to physical reality, reality has actually been constructed as a top-down loop. I say loop because there is a constant flow of intention, experience, digestion and re-assimilation going on between the inner and outer levels of reality. However, their essential configuration, their hierarchy if you will, remains. In this sense, the entire universe is anentropic in essence, and to a greater or lesser degree within 4-D physicality as well. This anentropy is the reason why lower vibrations, much less dimensions or torsion fields can entrain the higher dimensions. In short, the source of reality remains in its original state of vibration and M-D geometry despite whatever is going on, or appears to be going on, with 4-D reality.” Comment from Francesca: “I know the saying, ‘as above: so below,’ and we immediately leap to its opposite, ‘as below: so above.’ But if the latter were truly the case, everything would have sunk back into the dimension of Primordial Chaos almost instantly, because the gradients would have become hopelessly enmeshed. As time cannot exist without its own infinity to give a continual and constant reference point to physical reality, so also reality cannot exist without the eternal, unaffected, pure Heart of Creation.”