More on Thought

From Volume Two: “Chemical patterns in the brain aside, thought cannot be grasped within time and space, no more than an electron-scanning microscope can perceive quarks.”

 Comment from Tesla: “Now that you have coherent fields of information through computers, this is easier to understand. The semi-conduction units or “photons” of consciousness use the torsion fields of the enfolded and unfolded dimensions to gather energy and mass. With this they aggregate different amalgams of physical layers, folding upon one another and re-combining them much as a Samurai sword is made, so that degrees of physicality combine in layers. These layers are worked and re-worked much as the fusion inside a star creates heavier elements, but with the pure units of consciousness, there is a difference: their layering and re-combining creates purpose. When you can perceive that purpose, the intention of physical matter, matter itself is no longer dead to you, nor is the universe separate and alien from you: it becomes responsive, receptive and alive. Even though this purpose may seem unintelligible and non-human, and not “add up” in your logical human mind at all, the purpose is there. Religious and spiritual practitioners of all kinds have been able to perceive this purpose in altered states of meditation, where the mind slips free of its focused strictures of human habit and physical perceptions and timing. As said in this Volume Two: when you change your relationship to space you change your relationship to time, and vice versa. When you alter your relationship to time through meditation or other spiritual practices, you can perceive the conscious nature of space.”

 Comment from Francesca: “Like wind rippling water, thoughts certainly have physical effects, in the brain, the body, and anyone’s outer reality. Changing your thoughts changes reality much more readily than changing reality changes your thoughts, though of course that is often true as well. If your house is a mess, and you clean it, this changes thought and feelings both. And when we think with our deeper minds, without words but rather with knowing, we can live with much more elegant impact.”

The Origins of Thought

From Volume Two: “Since thought has its origin in the dimension of Identity, thought’s M-D geometries naturally slip outside of the perceptible.”

Comment from Tesla: “Technically, like everything else, thought’s true origin is in the Zero dimension, but its first appearance towards manifestation is indeed the dimension of Identity. In this way it automatically retains its higher-dimensional aspects into 4-D physicality, and is simultaneously enfolded and unfolded. Again I grant you that nearly all things are, but the point I was trying to make clear is that thoughts impress themselves onto reality dynamically because they retain a higher degree of leverage from their M-D source. Were I paying more attention to my own processes, I could easily have seen that the visions of my inventions were coming from an “outside” source, an area of higher energy gradient, even though that source might merely have been my deeper self, and I might have more readily guessed that the unseen creates what is seen.”

Comment from Francesca: ”I think that modern physics is on the right track, but for a while it seemed to me that they were like some American Indian tribes that lived near the Great Lakes. They said that the lakes created the wind by rippling their surfaces, instead of the wind rippling the lake, so that the ripples in physical reality that you and I feel are caused by consciousness are said to be created by physical atoms, forces, and fields instead. However, in science’s defense, I take a page from Feynman: someone was telling him how stupid people in the past must have been, thinking the sun went around the earth, when ‘everybody knows’ that the earth goes around the sun. Feynman asked, ‘I wonder how it would look if the sun really did go around the earth?’ And besides, our minds can be sneaky, making the moon look bigger when it’s near the horizon, no matter how much we know otherwise.”

The resonance of belief

Volume Two: “But the lack of a global or systemic resonance of belief will limit your results, because resonance is the “structure” that unfolds the multi-dimensional aspects of non-timespace into manifested timespace reality, and functions as the bridge between the two.”

Comment from Tesla: “In other words as said above, belief changes the interfacing geometries between M-D and 4-D manifestation. Consciousness, particularly though not exclusively human consciousness, straddles these two unfolded and enfolded aspects already, but belief arranges the slopes of manifestation, particularly beliefs about your self. These beliefs can block resonances quite directly: beliefs such as, ‘I am a failure,’ or, ‘I’ll never do anything right,’ are certainly global convictions, but they can stop resonance’s delicate interplay quite completely. We have mentioned the field-effect that some skeptics have: their commitment to proving what they often fear in themselves, their psychic powers, to be false, wrenches all sorts of information-fields awry, from the etheric field’s super-refined psychic effects, to the psychic data’s structure itself, the necessary engagement between the psychic’s own etheric field and the any psychically-patterned information. Similarly, much as it is when you are clinically depressed, if your hidden belief of unworthiness is never examined, no amount of spiritual, psychic, emotional or mental work will allow you to receive abundance, much as a truly depressed person cannot ever believe that he is loved. But as beliefs can be changed, resonances can also be created by unexpected means. If you believe you are not worthy, not good enough, or nothing you do every turns out right, and then you are thrown into an emergency situation in which your loving instinct takes over and you act cogently and effectively without thinking, this re-sets the whole structure, and allows you to re-think your beliefs and change your internal stance. This re-opens your own internal fields so that they are no longer static, but become moveable and resonant again, accepting the higher-level vibrations of the enfolded M-D geometries much more readily, and so allow the M-D energetic slopes to impact your own reality.”

More on Belief

From Volume Two: “Belief and information interrelate constantly in more than the human system. When properly focused and coherent, belief can change the coding and nature of any thing or process, and directly alter the way information is utilized or engaged.”

Comment from Tesla: “In this, it shows its direct connection to the dimension of Identity, and to human consciousness. Belief changes 4-D reality quite directly, and in numerous ways. I include disbelief here too, for what I hope are obvious reasons: if you do not believe something is possible, it will never be attempted, and that has a definite result on the shape of your local reality indeed. But it must be remembered that belief also engages the Zero dimension, and through it the divine Intelligence and Intention. The intricate interconnections between belief and disbelief are a subject that has fascinated many for centuries, and some of those have never incarnated. Belief is assayed through free will choices. But when choices themselves are limited by beliefs, a particular spiritual agony is created: ‘I must, but I can’t,’ or, ‘I can’t, but I must.’ Sometimes unconscious beliefs override conscious ones, and sometimes, unconscious beliefs override the conscious mind so completely that you are not even aware of the beliefs that are driving you. Understandably, this is a vast subject. Belief that is unexamined can be quite dangerous, and lack of self-reflection has many human costs. If children are taught meditation and elf-reflection, they can choose their beliefs, and in that process of conscious choice, understand that beliefs are within their command and control. This not only empowers the self, it allows for beliefs to remain flexible, to allow tolerance.” Comment from Francesca: The worse danger is when beliefs become axioms directly because they are unexamined. And the differences between beliefs that are pre-coded, as in a religious or non-religious upbringing, or that are evolved from life experiences, have different impacts, to say nothing of our beliefs about ourselves, our relationship to the world and to others, must be considered separately, I think. There are some beliefs that must be questioned, and cut apart with the razor of logic; There are others that must have their roots in conviction.