About Belief

From Volume Two: “Now is a good time to bring up the somewhat mushy issue of belief, because the effect of consciousness is based upon it.”

Comment from Tesla: “Belief itself is nearly as hard to define as consciousness, but you tend to know when you see it, much as with Art Noveau. Faith could be defined as the lenses through which you perceive reality, whether rose-colored or not, because it is often based on an external structure of some kind. Belief, however, is much more direct and personal, and works in all layers of your consciousness. An unconscious belief can be the X factor that upsets all other plans, but as the subconscious straddles both the unconscious and conscious levels of the human self, and since it remains in communications with both aspects, it can act as a stabilizing factor generally. Much as the corpus callosum can ‘translate’ the left brain to the right, and vice versa, so the subconscious can integrate conscious and unconscious beliefs up to a point. Belief works with the dimension of Identity, the Translation torsion fields, para-sound for the silent self-to divinity communications, para-light for the moments of comprehension, etheric fields for the psychic components, and deep aspects of the fields of Formation for the M-D to 4-D connections. Each person’s belief, generally malleable, facile, responsive and open, can change with experience and change experience. Ideally your beliefs are a living, adaptive gestalt of numerous aspects of your human self, experience, learning and discovery. But when beliefs become rigid, there is little that can change them, and this is the human tragedy.

Comment from Francesca: The levels and layers of belief, from convictions to habituated assumptions, to religious traditions, is far too complex a thing to get into now, certainly. But the consequences of our beliefs should be looked into, whether they close human connections, or open them.

Infinity and the Enfolded Dimensions

From Volume Two: “Much as the scattering of matter creates the galactic groups and the ‘bubbles’ of galactic formations, the enfolded dimensions themselves are not uniformly expressed.” 

Comment from Tesla: “Your physical reality has been arranged much as an amorphous metal, with a non-crystalline structure from the quick cooling by expansion of the enfolded geometries into physicality. Acting as an aggregate alloy with a semi-fluid structure, physical reality is the strongest “alloy” that can express the infinities of alternate realities. Minute differences in the degrees of manifestation, regulated by the sine-wave “flutter” of photons and electrons and balanced within the dimension of Identity, allow for amazing stability as well as continual re-arrangements through relativity, the interplay of fields and forces, and conscious choice.”

Comment from Francesca: “This non-uniformity of the enfolded geometries’ manifestation allows both new formations and unexpected, creative combinations. And strangely enough, it seems to me that it allows for infinity as well. Like a snake eating its own tail, the Divine Central Self invents itself within itself within the eternity and infinity that is its own composition, and because that composition is amorphous with differing ‘sizes’ of manifested points of divine focus, it can re-make and renew itself constantly. Much as the different-sized molecules in amorphous metal slide over, around, and within each other and retain their unity, the enfolded realities and the unfolded realities retain the divine unity even in manifestation.”

More from Volume Two: “This has profound implications in terms of local effects, including and beyond the issue of the previously ‘uncongealed’ energies available in more ancient times.”

Comment from Tesla: “The differing “sizes” of the enfolded and unfolded dimensions and their interactive geometries allow energetic ‘slopes’ like magic to form because of a kind of ‘stickiness’ created by the non-uniformity of the enfolded dimensions. Semi-regular forms create unexpected patterns, gaps, channels and sub-structures most readily, and allow both expected and unexpected flows of energy to focus into physical reality. It was on the crest of such a flow that Lemuria was built, and the minds and brains of the ancient Lemurians were patterned. Any deep work within the dimension of Identity, including your own identity, can torque these semi-regular shapes of reality and open gaps in the M-D to 4-D geometries that allow M-D energies to bathe your physical reality. This is deeper than the fact that when you change, your perception of reality changes, as the very inter-dimensional topography of your local unfolded and enfolded realities change. At times the differential is minute, and at times profound, but there is always a change in the inter-arrays of M-D energies and physicality.”

Primordial Chaos and Atom-Smashing

From Volume One: “This distortion “lays” that wave-shape down into the areas of perception, the strobe lights of timespace.”

Comment from Tesla: This is obviously a more dynamic understanding of how the enfolded and unfolded dimensions work together, particularly through the dimension of Primordial Chaos that is as omnipresent in its own way as the Zero dimension. Hidden in everything, this dimension not only keeps the tremendous potentials and possibilities within 4-D reality refreshed and accessible, it also regulates the flow by its very fermentation, creating the same dynamic stasis that is seen in ecologies of microbes, systems of living creatures, the cells of a body, and even the shifting arrangements of stars. Of course, Primordial Chaos is also the way that the infinite can express itself as fully as it can within the finite. If this link between the infinite possibilities and the dynamic stasis were more remembered and explored, this might bring both a sharper sense of the immediacy of the incalculable creativity within every confluence of energy-structures called particles, and all ordering frameworks of consciousness called fields, and all impossible states of being such as time and motion.

In other words, when the physical universe is perceived as an active interplay of enfolded and unfolded multi-dimensional geometries revealed through the structures of conscious fields, then many new possibilities open up, including understanding the nature and interactions of particles themselves. That electrons are actually expressions of energy has long been understood, though because of the comprehensive agreement between our perceptions and the divine intention, we see and interact with them and the whole forms they seem to create as though they were as solid as you feel your selves to be. Nevertheless, when an atom is “smashed,” this does open up a tiny edge of Primordial Chaos’ enfolded dimension, and manifests the scattered remnants of quarks and the like that are seen in the bubble chambers. These “wave fragments” retain their consistent form precisely because of the natural leveling, or dynamic stasis and flow, at the point of the infinite/finite interchange.

On the Nature of Particles

From Volume Twelve: “When a particle is hit by another particle, the so-called “atom smashing,” the functions of chaos are excited enough by the energy used that they distort the sinusoidal shape of the particle’s pan-dimensional wave.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is very important, and if thought upon at length would do much to explain the ‘particle zoo.’ As though atom smashing disturbed reflections on the ‘surface’ of reality, more and more energy added to the flying particles in the LHC or similar devices will impact the sinusoidal vibrations of form directly, and distort the ‘reflections’ to such a degree that reality’s invisible framework can be perceived. This seems to be a way of re-stating the original intention of the LHC: to shatter particles at such a deep level that the original state of particle-ness itself is perceived.

But there is a difference: much as light can act like a particle or a wave, the parts of atoms that are used in atom-smashing are actually compressed interference patterns. These are capable to altering and even distorting the chaotic structure that creates the waveforms in the first place. In analogy, it is like using a house to tear itself down: by distorting the doorframe, you can use the door you have freed to smash the windows, put holes in the sheetrock, and pry open other things, including other doors. You do learn a great deal about the structure of the house, but it is easier and far more elegant to understand the nature of the house by using it instead.

Within the analogy, living in the house and getting to know its various rooms works rather better, and the way to do this has already been shown to you, in everything from Einstein’s thought-experiments to the focused consciousness of the yogi, fakir, or spiritual master. The Source has created us in order to perceive it’s own Self; to the degree we can attune our consciousnesses to its nature, we can perceive that nature directly, because we and it are part of each other.

Chaos and String Theory

From Volume One: “Now, the dynamic functions of chaos, defined as the tendency of disorder to contain order, and order, given sufficient energy, to contain disorder, “move” the “wires,” the sinusoidal wave-tracks, of physical matter.

Comment from Francesca: He used the word “wires” in anticipation of String Theory in an article channeled in 1995, more than  ten years before I every heard the term.

 Comment from Tesla: “This is another way of saying that everything is vibration, including all aspects of physical matter, fields, and forces. The sinusoidal wave tracks of several aspects of reality such as magnetism, gravity, and consciousness intersect each and every reality at an offset angle through “layered” alternate realities. As one of the essential dimension, Primordial Chaos is actually the structuring force that arranges these infinite realities in geometrical relationship to one another, keeping them simultaneously separate and interrelated. Order is indeed a subset of chaos, and has been emphasized in 4-D reality so that sequence, time, timing, space and significance are all created.

Similar to the way gravity and magnetism are said to be “properties of matter,” matter itself is a property of Primordial Chaos; that dimension might also be called the Void, the preexisting Ocean of Being or the Source. This Source, being chaotic, was able to open itself to itself through form and number, and is the means by which the inter-relating multi-dimensional geometries are arranged. Order alone is incapable of encompassing the staggering complexity of these geometries, much less the infinities involved: chaos is the only possible thing that has the ability to form the needed points of engagement between realities, and thus permits them to exist.

Another way to look at this is to say that the possible must rest upon the bed of the impossible, else the possible could not exist. The potential energy differential between the pure Source Chaos and ordered, manifested, even infinite 4-D reality is staggering: the smallest “point” of pure Primordial Chaos has enough energy in it to create several entire alternate realities, and frequently does. Granted, several of these alternate realities are barren of life, but they still retain their connection to their primordial Source, and can be changed creatively.