Human bodies and human experience in time

From Volume One: “To look at it another way, we are never in our human bodies, ever at all. We focus upon them, we create them, but we are neither of them nor in them.“

Comment from Tesla: “I think it can be more properly said that you focus through your bodies, and the state of your body definitely has something to do with your experiences because of this. A cracked, dirty, oily, stained, or misadjusted lens is of little use, and will definitely limit your view, and your viewpoint. And, as in the metaphor of the cave where reality is the shadows on the wall, your stained, cracked, or misadjusted view becomes your reality of course. But to show that the you of you is not created by the body, there are three clues. The first is your general lack of a sense of time. If someone asks you, “What time is it?” you will look at your watch, even though you have just consulted it. Through its DNA, your body does indeed have a sense of time, as evidenced by the results with cloning, and the way certain systems react to light.

If you were truly of your body and your consciousness what created wholly and entirely by it, you would be constantly aware of the minutest moments. The second is near death experiences; this subject has been covered at great length elsewhere, and I see no reason to give examples here, save to say that some of the memories are created by your encountering para-light, the essential, vibrationless light of Source. The third is any of various exceptional phenomena, such as remote viewing, body doubling, retaining consciousness even when the brain has been compromised, and spontaneous healing, and yes, at present these are exceptional although they need not be. Consciousness primes physicality for its own use, and has layered and layered more and more “realness” into the 4-D points of engagement, such that, with some human beings, the divine intention can be directly expressed.”

More on human consciousness

From Volume One: “The human body is also a pan-dimensional phenomenon; hence the ‘psychic’ phenomena of clairvoyance and the like.”


Comment from Tesla: “The human body, indeed any body, including single cells, is far more aware of psychic input than is imagined, or, alas, readily testable. This fact is encountered and re-encountered, in anything from plants’ responses to the galvanometer, however limited, to the tests that show people can anticipate some kinds of photographic images more readily than others, and the tests that show worldwide responses to significant events. But because of the low level of signal, where the statistics do not seem robust, this idea has not gained much traction in the scientific community: the same scientific community that wants you to believe in cosmic rays, dark matter, dark energy, and gravitons, all of which have even less impact on physical systems… But life does respond to non-physical input all the time, from rabbits being held with love managing better in situations of high stress such as cosmetics testing, or mothers that sense their children are in danger.

I do grant you that the signals can be subtle, but a low signal is still a signal. And I grant you that chaos works with these signals as it does with everything else, so that it seems you must be gifted in one way or another, but what is the fuss about that? Some people are colorblind; if everyone is colorblind, does it mean that colors do not exist? And when there is someone who can see the psychic ‘colors’ of reality, those who are not psychic themselves can rarely understand. Indeed, this whole issue of gifted ones might even apply to the plants themselves. Some African Grays are very good at discerning words, but not every one is. Similarly, there may be some plants, as there are some people, that are more sensitive to those non-physical cues.”

On the Nature of Consciousness

From Volume One: “By ‘psychic,’ I mean that the human body’s nature is at base consciousness, not physical alone. The nature of this consciousness is separate from timespace.”

Comment from Tesla: “Timespace itself is huge, wonderful, grand, and frequently inexplicable, but this is why I have been offering this new view on physics that does its best to factor in the enfolded dimensions without mathematics. But the constant conundrum for physics as a discipline and physicists as human beings is the observer effect itself: you and the reality you perceive inter-create each other constantly. This might be easy to see on a personal level: if you look for nothing but reasons to be depressed, not only will you constantly find them, but all too often things will happen that reinforce this original choice of your own focus; similarly, if you practice seeing joy and beauty, even ugliness will have a different meaning. You are used to seeing this in your emotional nature and your personality, but physicists often forget that this inter-creation continues even though they are engaged in science.

There is also the working and re-working of existing patterns. Some writers of alternate reality tales, where they write of alternate historical timelines based on one incident being different, understand the arbitrary nature of axioms after all: what exists is always subject to interpretation. In true human fashion, when confronted with something new that does not make sense, the first impulse is to fall back into the trenches of whatever worked best previously, whether or not that method or interpretation would give you the real, new answer. This is why I am excited about the new possibilities of creating a psychic scientist.

This does not necessarily one that can intuit the murder at a crime scene, or the love and best wishes that a deceased relative has for you; rather, I am speaking of a scientist that is used to exercising his or her consciousness, as Jane Roberts suggested with her own friend and colleague, Seth. If you were to train your minds with as much effort, science, and wonder as has gone into the Large Hadron Colider, you would not only have had an interesting set of experiences, you would have actually learned more about your nature, and the nature of the reality that formed you.”

From Volume One: The human body

“The human body, and indeed the bodies of all living things, animate or inanimate, is a psychic phenomenon, and a pan-dimensional process.”

Comment from Tesla: “In a very real sense, human consciousness needs to be stepped down in order to function within 4-D reality, through the baffles and offsets and labyrinthine turns of the torsion fields, the ‘folding’ of the dimension of identity that causes its refined layers of expression, and thus the complexity of consciousness itself. Indeed, the process of becoming a fully conscious human being is much as it is with crafting a fine sword with the heating, annealing, folding, and so on, again and again. This metaphor is apt: the iron from which the steel is made is common; the steel is less common but already has greater value, but the iron that has been worked into a Samurai sword or fine Damascus steel can cut through illusions, and sever the chains on the heart of the universe.

When a human being has developed enough to become a great teacher, an emissary from Source, he or she transcends even the limits of the dimension of Identity because of the tremendous amount of focus and work that has been done. When this happens, the psychic aspects of the person, personality, and other living things around this one become enhanced. The great healers did open healing for others, but a tremendous amount of this healing was actually their own healing sourced from the same core of reality, and enabled through nothing more than resonance. That the body can heal itself at all is because it remembers its non-corporeal source, and how it relates to the deeper, enfolded dimensions that have higher gradients of energy. In short, the more you and your body can remember that you are an expression of the invisible, non-physical, M-D-sourced Intention of the Zero dimension, the more easily you can heal.”